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The crest of the Andrew family from Liesegang Förderstedt

Erich Liesegang, Director of the National Library Wiesbaden

Karl Richard “Erich” Liesegang born on 26.5.1860 Duisburg in the light of the world. His parents were originally from Pearl Mountain Dr. phil. Privy Councillor, Helmuth Karl Albert Liesegang (1827-1914) and his mother, born in Schwedt Agnes Marie Sophie Ottilie Jüngel (1836-1883) Daughter of the businessman Albert Jüngel and his wife Agnes Schweiger. Erich had ten brothers and sisters, including the landscape painter Helmuth Liesegang. His father had studied classical philology and history in Berlin and worked among others at high schools in Bielefeld and Duisburg. Er  [...]

George Liesegang royal Prussian Government

Hans Georg Wilhelm Lies Gang comb pm 9.10.1855 in Potsdam of the royal Prussian first son. Upper control inspector Karl Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1819-1875) and his wife Minna Constantia Emilie Hecker (1837-1906) to the world. His grandfather was a superintendent and pastor in Upper Mount Pearl. His career started off with the profession of a foreman 18.11.1880. Already on 21.2.1886 Liesegang was promoted to the government architect in the Upper Silesian railway to Breslau and was on 20.3.1895 appointed Railway Building Inspector in Bydgoszcz.

Dr. Joachim Wilhelm Erdmann Liesegang (1791-1878) Superintendent and Oberparrer to Perleberg

Following in his Konfirmationam year on Holy Thursday 1806 Wilhelm went to visit his home town to the high school in Salzwedel, then under the direction of the Rector Heinzelmann and after his death in 1808 under the direction of the Rector Solbrig. An Ostern 1811 He left school with the certificate of maturity , to move from there to the University of Berlin, at the time the excellent professors of theology Schleiermacher, de Wette, Marheinke and Neander were employed. Wilhelm began his theological studies with his[...]

The Journal Portal Journals @ URMEL

By working with many scientific publishers, more and more online journals are available. By digitizing the easier access to historical journals, while they might be saved from decay. The ThULB (Thuringian University- State Library) offers so on their sides under the symbol “URMEL” The following projects have already been implemented in: