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Life-history of the fallen officers in German Southwest Africa 1904-1907

In the following commemorative sheet to download, is the thought of many officers with short biographies, who lost their lives during the fighting in South Africa between 1904 and 1907.

Christmas raffle!

Christmas is coming and agrees with his Christmas raffle at a Christmas party this year! The publisher of Steffen Iffland has kindly provided for the occasion with a good book with the title “Complete history of the county Hohenstein” provided! Anyone can take up to 19.12.2009 a small comment with a) the strangest and b) the most interesting names in their family tree and maybe even with a personal wish for the coming new year! On Saturday (19.12.) is the winner from all comments received[...]

Duke Heinrich Julius of Brunswick-Lüneburg

This prince of old welfischem blood is one of the most important rulers of his time called since Henry the Lion. Born in 1564 He was fond of the Lutheran Reformation, and a defender of this “pure doctrine”. 1578 He was the first Protestant Bishop of Halberstadt and 1581 to 1585 Administrator of the archdiocese Minden. Heinrich Julius first married Princess Dorothea of ​​Saxe (1563−1587) a daughter of Elector August of Saxony.

From the Life of Princess Amalie Auguste

The present duchy of Nassau, was split into two principalities beginning of this century, once the princely branch of Nassau-Usingen and secondly, the royal line of Nassau-Weilburg. The line with the Emperor Adolph of Nassau-Usingen (+1298) among their ancestors, in the male line died out with the first Duke Friedrich August of Nassau, give. at the 23.4.1738 + 24.3.1816. Frederick Augustus is described as an upright character with knightly virtues. In his youth he had served under the Imperial Royal Austrian cavalry, the 7-year war and participated later in the Turkish Wars. For it gave you[...]

Adventsverlosung Ahnenforschung

Eine gute Idee, der ich mich auch anschließen möchte. Entdeckt habe ich die Verlosung im BlogOrmus.infound auf der Webseite von “Dirk Peters”. Es gibt 2 Lizenzen für Ahnenforschung Software zu gewinnen. Die jeweiligen Autoren haben für diese Verlosung eine Lizenz für TNG und Ages! provided. Um eine der beiden Lizenzen zu gewinnen müsst ihr nur bis zum 19.12. hier einen Kommentar hinterlassen. In diesem Kommentar möchte man von euch wissen, welche historische Person ihr denn gerne in eurem Stammbaum finden würdet.  [...]