Month: November 2009

The Baroque library of Jodokus Hermann Nünning

The 7.570 Title comprehensive library on house watch is at its core from the private library of Jodokus Hermann Nünning. Jodokus Hermann Nünning (1675-1753) is the first historian, dealing as a numismatist with the non-writing traditional country story. His Sepulcretum, a 1713 published treatise on funeral rites, was still 1855 translated into German. Jodokus Hermann […]

Search for clues in the past..

Es geschieht nicht eben selten, dass sichTote Punkteauftun bei unseren genealogischen Forschungen. Eben noch haben wir einen Glücksmoment und finden im Kirchenbuch den Taufeintrag zu einer schon ewig gesuchten Person um im nächsten Moment wieder in der Sackgasse zu landen, weil sich kein Todeszeitpunkt und Sterbeort ermitteln lässt. Zufallsfunde wie die nachfolgenden Verstorbenen […]

The last Count of Hohenstein

The last Count of Hohenstein, Ernst VII. was on 24. February 1562 Born at the chateau in Klettenberg. Already 1567 his mother died, Margaret, Born Countess of Barby. She died at the castle Lohra and was buried in the town church to Bleicherode. 1580 Ernst came to government. 1590 his first wife died Juliane von Barby. […]

Family tree search using the TNG Gendex Network and FamilyTreeSeeker

Meanwhile, there are many one million, which the genealogy hobby, Genealogy, Have prescribed Genealogy. And just as many websites to buzz around the Internet. The search for name occurrences, Family genealogies, Pedigrees, designed, therefore, usually very tedious and time consuming – a search service must be found.. Often you scroll hours from website to website and finds it […]


For our genealogical research Ehedispense belong to a fixed Therminologie. The term comes from the Catholic Church and certain rights in individual cases, an exemption from the prohibition of marriage. Applications had to be submitted to the archdeacon or the Dean's Office, a decision then hit the Vicar General or the Archdiocese, zuweilen ging der Antrag nach Rom. Leider geben die Kirchenbücher selten darüber […]

Strangely family tree

Unter dem TitelUnsere verrückten Stammbäumehat bereits ausgefallene Stammbäume präsentiert. Siehe den Ferrari Stammbaum als Beispiel. Nun ja, wirklich verrückt ist mein Beispiel nicht, dokumentiert es doch ernsthaft und eindrucksvoll die architektonische Entwicklung. Es stammt aus der ZeitschriftWerk, Jahrgang 29und der Ausschnitt trägt den TielZur Genealogie des HotelbauesEs wurde […]

New book ideas about genealogy and history

Beginnen möchte ich mit zwei Büchern die herausgegegen werden vom Verlag Steffen Iffland in Nordhausen-Salza. Aljährlich a historical calendar laid with old views of the surrounding area. This year, the calendar is a little different wound, denn er zeigt neben den alten, zum Vergleich auch neue Ansichten aus der Region. Die Ansichtskarten stammen aus der Sammlung von Horst […]

The family of Zieten

Common ancestors in the form of a first presentation of the strong publishing, I've found on the website of Dirk Peters. The book contains interesting for me, Hans Joachim von Ziethen. The work is quite extensive, plenty of biographies, a register of all family names and the list of goods. The purchase is worth all the time. Strong publishing, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-7980-0219-7

Historical books about the history of Lower Saxony

Under the name “Brunsvigensien Braunschweig University Library” The digital library offers an extensive collection of Braunschweig, of which I have selected the following examples: Certificate Book of the City of Brunswick band 1, on behalf of the municipal authorities ed. by Ludwig Hänselmann. With three panels writing samples and Seal. Festchronik zur Erinnerung an die Tausendjährige Jubelfeier der Stadt Braunschweig von […]

Brunswick personalities

August Heinrich Christian Gelpke, an astronomer at the Collegium Carolinum in Brunswick. Based on the biography of the high school- and high school teacher, August Heinrich Christian Gelpke (1769-1842) The following aspects are examined: His involvement with the rapid development in science, especially in astronomy, at the turn of 18. to 19. Century. Johann Joachim Eschenburg (1743-1820) Professor am Collegium […]

Adventurous and gruesome stories of robber barons murderers and witches from the past

Past Book Launch of wondrous and strange events from the distant past: Knights of Hugo Schreckenstein, embodiments of iniquity called or: “Dear Life, lost the innocence”. A horrible picture of the age of chivalry. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860 Kuno called claws of rock Bluebeard, Winner of the grand tournament in Worms, grausamer Mörder seiner sechs Weiber in der blutigen Weiberschlachtkammer zu […]

The last Count of Holstein-Schauenburg

Otto VI., Count of Schauenburg (Schaumburg) and Pinneberg, the latter of which he 1635 fell to, was 1616 Born and counted with his passing on 15. November 1640 only 24 Years. He was the last scion of the old Count House, from which the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein and 1459 Christian I., King of Denmark had emerged. Schon in früher Jugend muss […]

The ten most read posts

Heimatliteratur für den Landkreis Nordhausen und Umgebung Personalakten bayerischer Soldaten des 1. Weltkriegs online Ilfeld im Südharz – vom Klosterdorf zum Luftkurort Juliushütte wechselvolles Schicksal eines beklemmenden Platzes am Südharz Ellrich eine Stadt im Harz und seine Geschichte Max Stern ein deutscher Maler Die Familie von Hagen und ihre Verdienste im Forstwesen Kefersteiner Schneckensaft gegen […]

Individual biographies from Austria

On the website of the “austrian literature online” are mainly related to digital books and Austria offered are free and also available as ePrint. Currently there are approximately 13.733 Documents from the 11. Century to the Present. The project relies on the initiative of the University- and Regional Library of Tyrol, Graz University Library and the Institute “Integriert […]

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Austrian Empire

In enormous hard work here 60 Volumes of Biographical Lexicon digitized and made available. Posted by Dr. Constantin Wurzbach and appeared in the period 1856-1891. They contain the life sketches of memorable, noteworthy personalities, since the 1750 either born in the Austrian crown lands or have lived and worked. In the individual volumes are many genealogical tables contain, jeder […]

Yearbook of Swiss history

Mit interessantengeschichtlichen Beiträgen vollgespickt, are the 45 Volumes of the Journal of Swiss history (1876-1920) as the online editions with download option in “ Portal” are made available. In addition to essays on the Peasants' War, the political- and ecclesiastical history of the Confederation, There are articles on the art of printing, and local- and family history.. The four registers volumes are directly linked to the leaves.

The 30 most common name in the genealogical database

Rambow (996) Liesegang (849) Rembowski v. (128) von Bulow (406) Engelbrecht (292) von der Schulenburg (291) Litzmann (283) Hattorf (280) Brandis (269) Miller (258) Alemann (257) Hoffmann (252) of the East (252) of Bistram (250) von Kleist (234) Normann (234) Thelemann (231) by Hugo (222) Schweder (216) Schrader (211) Luther (204) Grope (190) Bötticher […]