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Chronicle of the Seidel family

The name of Seidel is a typical Silesian and can be found at the upper or. He was beyond doubt after the Germanic settlement of the land to 1250. Once you explain him away from the property, namely "sedelen, sideln "the central German word for" sit down ". The Sedelhof was a noble, German seat in the surrounding Slavic country. A Sedelmann was the owner or lessee of such "Seidel", therefore called simply "The settlers". After the conquest of Silesia, Frederick the Great founded in the country, under the Counter-Reformation of the 16th[...]

Chronicle of the trades

As trades are trade or profession and civil engineering activities referred to. Within genealogical research we encounter regularly these terms, so I'd like to introduce the appropriate literature. And it is this multi-volume work provides the title of Chronicle of the trades, which has been meticulously developed by research in the old spring collections and archives of many cities in Germany and Switzerland. H.A. Berlepsch, Publisher Scheitlin & Zollikofer, St. Gallen    

The outside of Saneck and their history as Count of Cilli

Under two different names and in different conditions appears one of the greatest of rulers of the medieval eastern Alps of Styria and the country at all, it is the “Free of Saneck and the Counts of Celje”. Through nearly four centuries, they can be traced back to and during other Dynastenfamilien a disintegration or splitting of the possession and extinction is to observe the same, there at the Saneck-Cilliern an almost abrupt upturn, to an abrupt termination of the race by the violent death of his last and most important representative of the following. It all starts on a[...]

Master register and the family history Bonte with its ramifications for 1620

For the family history and the family tree Bonte'schen have included the church books of the German and French Reformed churches went through to Magdeburg and Berlin. The basic root of the First Jean Bonte, divided into two main strains of Jean Bonte Bonte and Jean le jeune the Second. Jean Bonte der I. was around the year 1620 born. He was a carpenter and married to Marguerite de la Croix. She bore him two sons. After the Peace of Westphalia, he left driven by the influence of the reformation of the church of his birth and went[...]

Sendung im 3sat am 8. November zum Thema Digitale Archive im Netz

In der Sendung neues im 3sat geht es am Sonntag (Beginning 16:30 Clock) um das ThemaDigitale Archive im Netz”. Diese Sendung wird nochmals ausgestrahlt am Dienstag um 1:50 im ZDF und am Donnerstag um 13:30 im ZDF-Infokanal.