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German genealogical tables in list format

The majority of families have moved to an immigration and the other is, we can say the Baltic, ob Livland, Estonia and the Kurlander, form a large family. In the context of individual taxa occur a few people out particularly sharply through her life and work, which is indicated in each case from the files of the archives. Baltic German family trees genders from Erich Seuberlich, Published by the Central Agency for German people- and family history, Leipzig 1924-1931

Retrospective digitization of the University of Bielefeld – Journals of the Enlightenment about genealogy

My constant search to find interesting books about genealogy is today rewarded again. In addition I've directory "retrospective digitization of scientific review bodies and literary journals of the 18. and 19. Jh. from the German-speaking world "chosen, which is available on the website of the University of Bielefeld. The source material is scattered in various libraries, making it difficult to access in the past. The result obtained is as extensive, I can only imagine a taste of it and all of the researchers recommend, To narrow your search. Some of the families[...]

The arms and seal of the city, Prussian provinces, towns and villages

The first volume, of the city seal and coat of arms of Prussia, West Prussia and Brandenburg treated, appeared in 1894. This second part is due to Siegel described the many submitters from cities, Archives and registries, The local label came from the royal Privy State Archives in Berlin, the farm- State Archives in Vienna and the Bohemian National Archives and the archives of the Museum in Prague. It contains the arms of the Prussian provinces of Pomerania, Posen and Silesia. It does not matter in this book, particularly splendid illustrations to present arms (there is[...]

Personnel records of the Bavarian soldiers 1. World War II Online

As of Wednesday the 11. November you can look at in the digitized personnel files of the Bavarian soldiers. To access a membership is required (The issue we have ever had) This is valid for six months and costs 30 Euro.

Landgrafen-Regesten online

Dieses Projekt der Universität Marburg präsentiert das gesamte Material zur Geschichte der Landgrafen von Hessen bis 1509. Dabei handelt es sich nach vorsichtigen Schätzungen um etwa 15000-20000 Stücke aus der Zeit von 1247 to 1509