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Home literature for the district of Nordhausen and environment


The district of Nordhausen is the northernmost district of Thuringia. Neighboring districts are in the north and east of Saxony, the two- Anhalt counties resin and Mansfeld-Südharz, in the south of Kyffhäuserkreis, the west of the county Eichsfeld and northwestern districts of Lower Saxony Osterode and Goslar. In the Middle Ages, the region belonged to the county Hohnstein, Nordhausen was himself from 1220 Free Imperial City. By the Peace of Westphalia, the county was in large part to Prussia. In 1802 Nordhausen lost his imperial city status. 1816 entstand ein Kreis Nordhausen innerhalb der neugebildeten preußischen  [...]

Saliva Test in Venice men

As part of a mass testing, researchers want a U.S. university on behalf of the “National Geographic Society” find out more about the genetic origins of the population in Central- and Western Europe.

Memorial Day Calendar 11. November 2009

In this section I would like to remind everyone, who were born on that day and their genealogies are included in the database. Today is also from 11:11 Clock of the Carnival- Fastnachts- or Carnival celebrated the start draw children back with their lanterns through the streets of the country on the occasion of St. Martin.

Genealogia or master register of sex Saltzwedelischen

Or Genealogia stem register Saltzwedelischen sex Zusampt those closest Ag- and cognate.. First, by Christopher Boldemann collected and described.. Nachmahls by Mr Johann Saltzwedeln sel. bit to Osterburg … 1641 continuirt und … By Mr Johann Saltzwedeln … for erstenmahl in print but now promoted … edited by Letzbemeldtens son Nicolaum Saltzwedel… What about beyfügen Diss still leave the hierbey that are available and engraved in Kupffer root tree … Beginning at Heine Saltzwedel, Mayor of Osterburg, Following his son John who was also mayor in Osterburg[...]