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Brunswick personalities

August Heinrich Christian Gelpke, an astronomer at the Collegium Carolinum in Brunswick. Based on the biography of the high school- and high school teacher, August Heinrich Christian Gelpke (1769-1842) The following aspects are examined: His involvement with the rapid development in science, especially in astronomy, at the turn of 18. to 19. Century. Johann Joachim Eschenburg (1743-1820) Professor at the Collegium Carolinum in Brunswick; brief outline of his life and work in addition to contributions to the history of the family bibliography Orth 1454 – 1914, edited by Ernst Orth Constantin Uhde, Memorial speech, held in the Museum of Decorative Arts[...]

Adventurous and gruesome stories of robber barons murderers and witches from the past

Past Book Launch of wondrous and strange events from the distant past: Knights of Hugo Schreckenstein, embodiments of iniquity called or: “Dear Life, lost the innocence”. A horrible picture of the age of chivalry. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860 Kuno called claws of rock Bluebeard, Winner of the grand tournament in Worms, cruel murder of his six wives in the bloody battle wives chamber to-mouth rock, and his demonic castle dwarf Ali. A terrible Knight, Magic, Murder- and horror story from the old days of the Crusades. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860 Hedwig, the beautiful princess from Poland, Gemahlin Herzogs  [...]

Genealogical table of the House of Brunswick

Attempt at a representation: The genealogy of the House of Brunswick with some cognatic relationships, by Paul Zimmerman, Brunswick 1909 Download as.

Ludwig Philipp Freiherr vom Hagen, a Prussian Minister of State of the County of Hohenstein

Among the prominent men, that emerged from the county Hohenstein, is also the Minister of Louis Philippe Hagen. His work was not devoted primarily to the County of Hohenstein, it is her but had benefited. Born 3. More 1724 Hagen's family estate on the old Stöckey, he devoted himself (as did his father, District of Hohensteinsche Friedrich Philipp von Hagen, who was known for his diligent in office and his excellent management of his estates) the Prussian civil service. This included a good general education[...]

The last Count of Holstein-Schauenburg

Otto VI., Count of Schauenburg (Schaumburg) and Pinneberg, the latter of which he 1635 fell to, was 1616 Born and counted with his passing on 15. November 1640 only 24 Years. He was the last scion of the old Count House, from which the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein and 1459 Christian I., King of Denmark had emerged. As a boy he has his father Georg Hermann, have lost the youngest of four or five brothers; for the year 1631 We see him under guardianship of his paternal uncle and foster father, of Count[...]