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History of the Hohenzollern

The KOBV is the common platform of all university- and university libraries, all public libraries and numerous research, Special- and government libraries in Berlin and Brandenburg. Here I have today Rausgepickt subsequent essays, dealing exclusively with the House of Hohenzollern. The individual essays are descended from various editions of the Hohenzollern yearbooks 1898 and offered on the above website as a PDF.

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The eminent German people down writer Fritz Reuter

Fritz Reuter, whose full name is Christian Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig, was on 7.11.1810 born in Stavenhagen, the son of the mayor and city judge of Stavenhagen Georg Johann Jakob Friedrich Reuter. Fritz was a student at the high school in Friedland and took in 1831 on his law studies at the University of Rostock and it set 1832 in Jena continued. Here he became a member of the Students'. 1833 He was arrested for alleged participation in treasonable Burschenschaft union connections and treason, sentenced to death, and finally to 30 Pardoned years imprisonment. Er  [...]

Large state-trading book or- and business address books for the Rhine Province

Under the exact title of Large Land-commerce and business address or address books for individual states and provinces of the Rhine Province, Band 1, Region of Cologne and Düsseldorf Region, This book was published in February 1901 Berenberg'schen in the book printing and publishing house Hanover, more than 1700 Pages long. Cologne Region: With the circles Bergheim, Euskirchen, Rheinbach, District of Bonn, Victory Circle, Waldbröl, Wipperfürth, Mülheim (Rhine), District Cologne, Bonn Düsseldorf Region: With the circles Lennep, Neuss, Circle Gladbach, Kempen, in the Rhineland, Funds, Cleve, Rees, Krefeld, Grevenbroich, Mettmann, Food, Mörs, City of Duisburg, District food,  [...]

Pedigrees of the family Lueg

The names of the family vary from Lug, Lugh, Sledges, Luigge, Leugh, Lugge and Lueg. The presence of family Lueg in Dortmund deserves special attention. Already 1325 and 1360 there occur Arnoldus Lugge and Everhardus Luighe. In the second half of the 16. Century, the family is represented here quite numerous. Auch in Castrop, Weather, Cash Option, Westhofen be found of that name. The history of the Westphalian county Mark rooted family provides an image of the master court and numerous family trees. Download at this link. Author of the family history was[...]