Month: October 2009

History of the Hohenzollern

The KOBV is the common platform of all university- and university libraries, all public libraries and numerous research, Special- and government libraries in Berlin and Brandenburg. Here I have today Rausgepickt subsequent essays, dealing exclusively with the House of Hohenzollern. The individual essays are descended from various editions of the Hohenzollern yearbooks 1898 und werden über obige […]

The eminent German people down writer Fritz Reuter

Fritz Reuter, whose full name is Christian Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig, was on 7.11.1810 born in Stavenhagen, the son of the mayor and city judge of Stavenhagen Georg Johann Jakob Friedrich Reuter. Fritz was a student at the high school in Friedland and took in 1831 on his law studies at the University of Rostock and it set 1832 in Jena continued. […]

Large state-trading book or- and business address books for the Rhine Province

Under the exact title of Large Land-commerce and business address or address books for individual states and provinces of the Rhine Province, Band 1, Region of Cologne and Düsseldorf Region, This book was published in February 1901 Berenberg'schen in the book printing and publishing house Hanover, more than 1700 Pages long. Cologne Region: With the circles Bergheim, Euskirchen, Rheinbach, District of Bonn, Victory Circle, Waldbröl, Wipperfürth, […]

Pedigrees of the family Lueg

The names of the family vary from Lug, Lugh, Sledges, Luigge, Leugh, Lugge and Lueg. The presence of family Lueg in Dortmund deserves special attention. Already 1325 and 1360 there occur Arnoldus Lugge and Everhardus Luighe. In the second half of the 16. Century, the family is represented here quite numerous. Auch in Castrop, Weather, Cash Option, […]

Family history of the Baron von Bibra

Interesting and exciting, the volumes of the family history of the Baron von Bibra read in three volumes, to which I would refer here. Der genaue Titel lautet: Beiträge zur Familien-Geschichte der Reichsfreiherrn von Bibra nach urkundlichen Nachrichten bearbeitet von Wilhelm Freiherrn von Bibra. In publishing Christian Kaiser, Munich 1882-1888. Band I., Band II., Band III., Content: […]

Genealogical job titles

Every genealogist deals within his research with the occupations in his ancestors. Nice, that there are illustrations to: First Quartet is an old card game. It contains 40 Professions as drawings, small even with a spell are highlighted. At 1568 was the “Actual description of all objects on earth” published by Hans Sachs. Er hatte zu […]

Day of Family research in Altena

Unter dem MottoHaus und Hof im Sauerlandveranstaltet die Landeskundliche Bibliothek des Märkischen Kreises ihren zweiten Tag der Familienforschung – und zwar am Donnerstag, 12. November 2009, between 14.30 and 20.00 Clock, im Kreishaus I an der Bismarckstraße 15 in Altena. Im Blickpunkt steht die Geschichte von Häusern und Höfen in Balve, Neuenrade, Plettenberg, […]

Genealogy in France just a click away

The following message in French I've just discovered. The translation may sound a bit bumpy, The meaning is perfectly clear but! Rare documents with a few clicks. Seit gestern sind die Kirchenbücher aus dem sechzehnten Jahrhundert bis in das späte achtzehnte Jahrhundert und die wichtigen Unterlagen von 1793 to 1902 available in digital form. […]

Invitation to genealogy Stammtisch Limbacher country on 25.11.2009

Die Organisatoren Christian Kirchner und René Gränz laden ein zum 4. Treffen von interessierten Familien- und Heimatforschern des Limbacher Landes ein. Am momentanen Treffpunkt, dem Hotel „Lay-Hauskommen am 25. November 2009, 19.00 Uhr zum vierten Mal die Genealogen und Heimatforscher des Genealogie-Stammtisches „Limbacher Land“ zusammen. Like this:Like Loading…

Monuments of the Rhine Province

Bei Recherchen nach dem Gut Bärenkamp in welchen lange Zeit die Familie von Buggenhagen lebte, fand ich diese Ausgaben im Internet die ich dem Regionalhistoriker nicht vorenthalten möchte. Veröffentlicht im Auftrag des Provinzialverbandes der Rheinprovinz von Paul Clemen (1866-1947) Verlag L. Schwann in Düsseldorf 1892-1894 Like this:Like Loading…

Buggenhagens grave plaque hidden behind images

For a long time, probably stored in a central warehouse, the board of the museum and its history Dinslaken now awakened to new life. Julius Melchior of Buggenhagen (the last of his race?) Born on 9. April 1811, died on March 21 1890. Mr. Mayor, and the Good Bear Kamp. This extraordinary discovery points to, dass Buggenhagen drei Söhne und eine Tochter […]

Stately homes and manors in the duchy of Westphalia, and their owners

The Historical Commission for Westphalia offers on its website at several interesting publications, including an elaboration of the manors and stately homes, the actual addition to assets and Burg Burglehen seats and covers. There are not only listed the names of the owners, but partly also draws attention to the spouse, auf die Wappen oder ob ein […]

The Huguenot family Couard

The Couards are a Huguenot family, whose ancestor Daniel Schuhmacher Couard 1685 after revocation of the Edict of Nantes, at the age of 73 Years emigrated with his son from Grand-Rieux in Picardy by Bischweiler in Alsace. Daniels grandchildren later settled in Berlin. Hermann Couard (1837-1902) was there for 1865 zweiter Prediger an der Friedenskirche […]

From the history of sex from Ramel

The sex of the Ramel, in earlier times Romel, Ramehl, Frames, Written ram and similar, was one of the most important Uradelsfamilien of Pomerania. For Schlawe and specifically for the space Wusterwitz this family was of great importance, because the thorns along the Grabow: Wusterwitz, Balenthin, Söllnitz, Leikow, Soltikow, Bartlin und Nemitz […]

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and founder of the Nobel Foundation

Every year is determined on which luminaries of science, Poetry, and as for the peace of this world, The Nobel Prizes are awarded. Hardly anyone has better knowledge about this important man, except that even his immense fortune is determined to crown for the most outstanding people. The brilliant scholar, Engineer and inventor, Nobel, always modest, still und ein […]

Goethe's ancestors

Research into the origins of a person of high interest and the descent of a person was of the utmost importance for our world, that is to the right of the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Born 28.8.1749 in Frankfurt am Main, died on 22.3. 1832 in the Weimar years and ennobled 1782. Mit seiner Herkunft und […]

The German Herold: Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History

Published by the Association of Berlin Herald. Once again I would like to provide relevant literature and the issues of the quarterly magazine hold a lot of background information and historical essays one. The writings were published under the title: “Quarterly Journal of heraldry and genealogy sphragistics” ( 1873–1889) “Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History” (1890–1931) Als kleiner Überblick hier einige Beispiele aus dem Inhalt […]

The Big Suck!

Ich finde jede Initiative äußerst lobenswert, die uns Genealogen das Leben leichter machen und beteilige mich ebenfalls mit meinen bescheidenen Möglichkeiten. Für jeden Familienforscher ist derfreie Austauschvon Informationen besonders wichtig, aber die Wirklichkeit sieht anders aus. Mehr und mehr Datenbanken gewähren nur noch Zugang gegenCashAlles wird kostenpflichtig! Alles wird abgesperrt!Like this:Like […]