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From the history of sex from Ramel

The sex of the Ramel, in earlier times Romel, Ramehl, Frames, Written ram and similar, was one of the most important Uradelsfamilien of Pomerania. For Schlawe and specifically for the space Wusterwitz this family was of great importance, because the thorns along the Grabow: Wusterwitz, Balenthin, Söllnitz, Leikow, Soltikow, Bartlin and Nemitz was invested and on the other side of the site of the abbey with the Buckow Klösternitzer area.

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and founder of the Nobel Foundation

Every year is determined on which luminaries of science, Poetry, and as for the peace of this world, The Nobel Prizes are awarded. Hardly anyone has better knowledge about this important man, except that even his immense fortune is determined to crown for the most outstanding people. The brilliant scholar, Engineer and inventor, Nobel, always modest, still, an idealist. He lived a very secluded life for his invention and scientific experiments. Nobel's ancestors can be in Sweden to the 17. Century to trace. Whether the family has always been in[...]

Goethe's ancestors

Research into the origins of a person of high interest and the descent of a person was of the utmost importance for our world, that is to the right of the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Born 28.8.1749 in Frankfurt am Main, died on 22.3. 1832 in the Weimar years and ennobled 1782. With his background and life story dealt Dr. Carl Knetsch, of this book 1908 published in Leipzig with the publisher Klinkhardt & Biermann. The sources used include the Frankfurt and Wetzlar church records and[...]

The German Herold: Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History

Published by the Association of Berlin Herald. Once again I would like to provide relevant literature and the issues of the quarterly magazine hold a lot of background information and historical essays one. The writings were published under the title: “Quarterly Journal of heraldry and genealogy sphragistics” ( 1873–1889) “Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History” (1890–1931) As a brief overview here are some examples from the content of the expenditure 1876-1894: The synopses of the family of Sterbfritz, Coat of arms of the lords and barons of Puttkamer, the house Krockow, Fragments of genealogy Schledorn, Russian nobility conditions, Schirach and the von Schirach,  [...]

Das Große Kotzen!

Ich finde jede Initiative äußerst lobenswert, die uns Genealogen das Leben leichter machen und beteilige mich ebenfalls mit meinen bescheidenen Möglichkeiten. Für jeden Familienforscher ist derfreie Austauschvon Informationen besonders wichtig, aber die Wirklichkeit sieht anders aus. Mehr und mehr Datenbanken gewähren nur noch Zugang gegenCashAlles wird kostenpflichtig! Alles wird abgesperrt!