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Einladung zum Genealogiestammtisch Limbacher Land am 25.11.2009

Die Organisatoren Christian Kirchner und René Gränz laden ein zum 4. Treffen von interessierten Familien- und Heimatforschern des Limbacher Landes ein. Am momentanen Treffpunkt, dem Hotel „Lay-Hauskommen am 25. November 2009, 19.00 Uhr zum vierten Mal die Genealogen und Heimatforscher des Genealogie-Stammtisches „Limbacher Land“ zusammen.

Monuments of the Rhine Province

Bei Recherchen nach dem Gut Bärenkamp in welchen lange Zeit die Familie von Buggenhagen lebte, fand ich diese Ausgaben im Internet die ich dem Regionalhistoriker nicht vorenthalten möchte. Veröffentlicht im Auftrag des Provinzialverbandes der Rheinprovinz von Paul Clemen (1866-1947) Verlag L. Schwann in Düsseldorf 1892-1894

Buggenhagens grave plaque hidden behind images

For a long time, probably stored in a central warehouse, the board of the museum and its history Dinslaken now awakened to new life. Julius Melchior of Buggenhagen (the last of his race?) Born on 9. April 1811, died on March 21 1890. Mr. Mayor, and the Good Bear Kamp. This extraordinary discovery points to, Buggenhagen that had three sons and one daughter, who died in childhood. His wife Charlotte died in Augusta 1857 During his last year in the mayor's office in Godesberg, since there was Buggenhagen 1851 resident. Some details were previously[...]

Stately homes and manors in the duchy of Westphalia, and their owners

The Historical Commission for Westphalia offers on its website at several interesting publications, including an elaboration of the manors and stately homes, the actual addition to assets and Burg Burglehen seats and covers. There are not only listed the names of the owners, but partly also draws attention to the spouse, on the coat of arms, or whether a tree is present.

The Huguenot family Couard

The Couards are a Huguenot family, whose ancestor Daniel Schuhmacher Couard 1685 after revocation of the Edict of Nantes, at the age of 73 Years emigrated with his son from Grand-Rieux in Picardy by Bischweiler in Alsace. Daniels grandchildren later settled in Berlin. Hermann Couard (1837-1902) was there for 1865 second preacher at the Church of Peace in Sansouci, his wife Anna Ideler also belonged to an old theologian sex, that its lineage to the annual 1519 born Pastor John Ideler can return to Putlitzstrasse. Im  [...]