Month: September 2009

Television advertising campaign of the German War Graves Commission.

Still apply 1,3 Million people, according to the search service of the German Red Cross as missing. And though many stories are known and well documented, still are not many members found. It is not known to many people, dass der Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge Antworten geben kann. The goal of television advertising, it is now, die Bevölkerung […]


Yearbook for Genealogy and Heraldry sphragistics

In the succeeding volumes of the Journal of Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics, published by the Courland Society for Literature and art are included among others the following genealogical tables: The pedigree of Henry Adolph Kursell and his descendants, The origin of the Polish branch of the von Heyden Klot and field, The genealogy of the family of Plettenberg, Die Genealogie der […]

The Thuringian sex life wall

The book is about the Thuringian sex life with the original wall to Gebesee, Leutenberg, Erfurt and the village of migrant life. It discusses the related family names tribes as Wandersleb, Wandesleben, Hiking and other life. It covers the early history of the tribe to 1600 and from the various branches of the tribe 1600 in Thuringia and Worms, During the French period […]

Muscherin in Pyritz and the noble Rambow

If the sex of Rambow not until the early hours of the Pomeranian documents due (because the origin is to be found in Mecklenburg) it was already in 15. Century in Pomerania very wealthy, because 1505 enfeoffed the Duke Bogislaw Gevettern and Hans Asmus of Rambow with 24 Hoofs in the village Muscherin, […]

The noble Adelebsen

This old noble family belonged to the nobility and Göttingen first appears in documents in 1111 Knights of Bertholdus miles de Wicbike. After moving to the castle, the brothers Adelebsen Dietmar and Bodo 1234 mentioned in documents. As Reichl marriages, the family had acquired the dominion Grone at Göttingen. Sie gehörten zum ritterschaftlichen Adel im Calenberger […]

Medieval seal of the archdiocese of Magdeburg

This book is in three parts, deals extensively with the research arms of the same figures and formations and the associated question of the origin and dissemination of the appropriate sex, with forays into the genealogies. Their possible association with other tribal, or cities- Geistlichkeits-seals and also references to related illustrations, the importance of the emblems, sowie eine genaue heraldische […]

Heraldic History of Art in Switzerland

The author of the book "The History of Heraldic Art in Switzerland in the XII. and XIII. Century, "the territory of Switzerland to the study selected in this book, weil sich hier die Entwicklung der Heraldik unter dem Einfluss französischer und italienischer Kulturströmungen frühzeitig und rasch vollzogen hat und weil das Land reich an […]

History of the family of Ditfurth

Quedlinburg (Marshal) Line: Occurring around the year 1148 and almost 400 Years in the Quedlinburg foundation documents, the family is traced. Its members were the chief of the imperial ministeriales, free secular pen St. Servatii. Who held the Erbmarschallamt the abbesses and probably had their fief in the nearby village Ditfurth, der dem ganzen Geschlecht seinen Namen […]


Saxonica: Lausizische monthly magazine and New Lausitzisches 1793 to 1900

Lausitzisches magazine or collection of different treatises and news for the sake (Purpose) the natural, Art, World- and country history, of morals, and the fine arts. (Missing issues are searchable via the Internet Archive Lausizische HathiTrust or monthly: Bd. 1793, 1-6 Bd. 1793, 7-12 Bd. 1794, 1-6 Bd. 1794, 7-12 Bd. 1795, 1-6 Bd. 1795, 7-12 Bd. 1796, 1-6 […]

Commemorative and memorial writings

In the academic library community prevails term use, commonly known as a scholar dedicated to the commemorative collection of essays looks at. The contributions to this kind of disclosure of most students, Authored friends or colleagues to a round of birthday honoree. Den Beiträgen ist regelmäßig eine kurze Würdigung des Geehrten mit Foto und sein möglichst komplettes […]

Lucia Dorothea Liesegang married Johann Gottlieb Lesser from Nordhausen

The appeal must be in front of the 11. November 1729 have taken place, because on this day married Johann Gottlieb in the Lesser Preetzer Fleckenskirche Lucia Dorothea LIESEGANG. Then in June he 1726 Utrecht promo celebrates ist be, can be his calling EDT Preetz between these two events. Johann Gottlieb Lesser war der Leibarzt des Herzogs von […]

The Engelbrecht family in Ilsenburg

For centuries, the name Engelbrecht closely linked with the history Ilsenburg. Peter Engelbrecht was black Burgi Counts shear Office Schösser to Sondershausen, Blades and Straußberg. His son was, it was christened the family tradition and in the name of Peter. Derselbe kam frühzeitig als Copist in die gräfliche Kanzlei nach Stolberg und dann zunächst zum Messinghandel nach Ilsenburg […]

To Die Ritter Ordens of merit

With the accession of Frederick the Great of Prussia was next to the Black Eagle (the statutes to) only one in the Order of Merit 1667 by Margrave Friedrich, later the first king at the age of ten years, yet the participation of his brother, the Elector Karl Emil launched Orden de la Générosité, später gewöhnlich […]

The guesthouse height hunters near the Wolf's Lair headquarters leader

Fast 70 Years later and countless books written, which dealt with the Nazi regime already, a wealth of new releases and all known sources, Letters and documents seem to have been evaluated, or maybe not? Came a few years ago in an unusual way, through our family Liesegang a contemporary document in my hands, wie es einmaliger […]

Privy Councillor and bank director John Liesegang, Kiel

At the 29. More 1836 was the superintendent and senior pastor Dr. Liesegang William by his second wife Caroline was born a son born Schweiger, John received the name of Karl Leberecht. Five siblings, including four brothers and one sister stood at the cradle. Among his patrons were the preachers Geissler, Rector Stappenbeck, Rector Bernau, Prediger Simon und […]

Description of the chief nobility in Meissen, Saxony, Thuringia

And again, I've discovered a valuable work, that should not go unnoticed. This book covers many different noble families with coats of arms, Background and family history described. It is entitled: Therein Warhaftige proper description of the kings fürnembsten- Churchill- and Prince Graffen, Gentlemen,…Bisthumb Stiffte forts castles Empter, Cities…in Upper Saxony fürnemen Provintz, beneben der fürnemsten Herren […]