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The Engelbrecht family in Ilsenburg

For centuries, the name Engelbrecht closely linked with the history Ilsenburg. Peter Engelbrecht was black Burgi Counts shear Office Schösser to Sondershausen, Blades and Straußberg. His son was, it was christened the family tradition and in the name of Peter. The same came as a copyist early in the count's firm to Stolberg and then the first commercial brass to Ilsenburg from where he 1550 until his death in 1598 lived and worked. He rose in the former lease holders of Ilse Freiburgische hut trade Heinrich Cramer of Clausbruch and Caspar[...]

To Die Ritter Ordens of merit

With the accession of Frederick the Great of Prussia was next to the Black Eagle (the statutes to) only one in the Order of Merit 1667 by Margrave Friedrich, later the first king at the age of ten years, yet the participation of his brother, the Elector Karl Emil launched Orden de la Générosité, later, usually called the grace of the Cross.

The guesthouse height hunters near the Wolf's Lair headquarters leader

Fast 70 Years later and countless books written, which dealt with the Nazi regime already, a wealth of new releases and all known sources, Letters and documents seem to have been evaluated, or maybe not? Came a few years ago in an unusual way, through our family Liesegang a contemporary document in my hands, as it can not be unique! Perhaps one or the other is still alive and may remember, also wrote a dedication in memory to have. Mit welchen Gefühlen und Gedanken diese Erinnerungen  [...]

Privy Councillor and bank director John Liesegang, Kiel

At the 29. More 1836 was the superintendent and senior pastor Dr. Liesegang William by his second wife Caroline was born a son born Schweiger, John received the name of Karl Leberecht. Five siblings, including four brothers and one sister stood at the cradle. Among his patrons were the preachers Geissler, Rector Stappenbeck, Rector Bernau, Preacher and Mrs. Simon ways builder Fontane. The suggestion of the President of the Board's main bank Ferdinand of Lamprecht, a relative of his father, It was thanks to John, that he acquired in the service of the Royal Bank[...]

Description of the chief nobility in Meissen, Saxony, Thuringia

And again, I've discovered a valuable work, that should not go unnoticed. This book covers many different noble families with coats of arms, Background and family history described. It is entitled: Therein Warhaftige proper description of the kings fürnembsten- Churchill- and Prince Graffen, Gentlemen,…Bisthumb Stiffte forts castles Empter, Cities…in Upper Saxony fürnemen Provintz, beneben the fürnemsten Men Contrafactur, also Graff Lichen and Arms nobles sexes in three part worn zusamen. With diligence colligirt sonderm ex archivis, and to evaluate many Monumentis revises, and with special union before unbekandten histories[...]