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The construction- and monuments of the province of Pomerania

The following edition presents a comprehensive description of antiquities, Treasures from days gone by and the people who lived in that time. A cross-section for the traces of our ancestors in the administrative district of Stettin. (Rambow example in Figure Muscherin 1) This series appeared on behalf of the Society for Pomeranian History and Archaeology, Hugo Lemcke, Provincial Conservator of Pomerania in Sion Come publisher Leon Saunier in Szczecin from 1898. Authors: It. of Haselberg, Hugo Lemcke, Ludwig Boettger, Robert Holsten      

Southern Baden and Rhenish church records online

Birth, Marriage- and death registers from 35 Parishes in southern Baden for the period 1810-1870 from the collection L 10 State Archives of Freiburg are visible in digitized form. The first result of cooperation between FamilySearch and the State Archive of Baden-Wuerttemberg are the digitized registry books of the State Archives in Freiburg, the online service of the State Archives Administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg has been set. It is about 870.000 Images with more than 2,4 Millions of genealogical records for towns in the administrative district of Freiburg. They are found at http://be viewed How fast is the name of access to[...]

The family Hattorf, Counts of Lutterberg and Letgäste

In the genealogy of the nobility Handbook Volume V, 1984 we find the following entry: Hattorf Ev., The genealogy begins with Valentine of Hattorf, *1496 died 1575 Mayor of Osterode am Harz and Duderstadt, its connection with the order 1300 occurring Uradelsgeschlecht same can not be proved. It is true, There has been no reliable evidence for this relationship, but the same source, which is mentioned in this manual for the nobility, other place is reproduced exactly the opposite.

Personal data of the teachers of Prussia named Rambow and Liesegang

The database of the library for Research on Educational History of the German Institute for International Educational Research currently contains approximately. 190.000 Evidence of teachers and teachers from three different traditions of Prussia: The elementary school teacher index begins with the birth year 1856 for the districts of Berlin and Opole, for from Königsberg 1860, from Liegnitz for 1861, from Wroclaw 1862, from Potsdam 1866, off for Gumbinnen 1867 and for other counties 1870. In the collection of personnel records are the teachers of higher schools of Prussia united. There[...]

Pastor Johann Valentin Liesegang in Ilfeld

Valentin war 1612 vermutlich als Sohn des Bürgermeisters von Ellrich, Burchard Liesegang geboren worden. Sein Vater war zuerst Kämmerer in Ellrich und 1618, 1621 and 1624 hiesiger Bürgermeister wie dasRote Buch des Magistratsverrät. Bruder Hans ist dort ab 1627 als Ratsmitglied und ab 1649 als Bürgermeister genannt. At the 25.7.1643 wurde Valentin in Ilfeld als Pastor eingeführt. Er gilt als der älteste Kirchenbuchführer des Ortes. Zuvor war er acht Jahre als Lehrer tätig. Eine gußeiserne Grabplatte, die in die Wand eines zur Krypta führenden  [...]