Month: August 2009

Rambaum in goods (Müritz) and the mill no. VII

A post mill with a walk in the paths Eichholz on Federowschen “Jewish cemetery beym” was 1804 the miller Rambaum. After his father Johann Heinrich East Mill Nr.III in the course of bankruptcy proceedings 1823 had lost, leased or managed by it 1825 this on the Papenberg mill. She was only a short time in his possession. 1827 versuchte er sich […]

Wieger is picturesque village in the Harz Mountains in beautiful countryside

Presumably Wieger village before 1240 were, with one or more goods. At 1240 sold the Honsteiner Count to his sister Bertrada different goods on their lifetime, in the documents is also Wieger village called. In 1322 Count the brothers sold their village of honing stone “Wigersdorff” for a fully-paid sum of money to the monastery Ilfeld. Damit wurde Wiedersdorf ein […]

The rural residences, Palaces and residences of the Knights scientific landowners in the Prussian monarchy

In the years 1857-1884 Alexander is the publisher Duncker, a 16-volume work on the bottom called residences, Castles and residences released. Of the total 959 Single sheets relate 92 the Prussian province of Pomerania to 1857. Of the other provinces of Silesia 227 Views of the most common, throughout the province of Prussia only 72 Image examples are offered. Schleswig-Holstein ist […]

Helmuth Liesegang and the Düsseldorf Art

Helmuth Liesegang was in Duisburg, Upper secondary school where his father was a teacher in 1858 born. He came from an early age to Kleve, the romantic mountain town with the ancient castle of the swan knight, where sound together again all the poetry of the Rhine legends to the fullest chord. Schon als Schüler des dortigen Gymnasiums zog er das Herumstreifen in freier […]

History of the former landowners of Woffleben

Live in today as Woffleben 511 Population. The first mention of the place dates back to 927. In this document it is, that King Henry I. his wife, Mathilde, a tenth of the Wafilieba Zorgegau gave. Findings from the Pre-Roman Iron Age in the vicinity of the station show, dass das Gebiet schon in urgeschichtlicher Zeit […]

Ellrich a town in the Harz and its history

On the southern edge of the lower resin, im Tal der Zorge, is beautifully embedded in the landscape of the city Ellrich. The settlement was founded in 876 the first time as “Alarici” mentioned and currently has about 4.000 Population. Since 1869 There is a train connection to Nordhausen and Northeim. Over the centuries, Ellrich was one of several counties and was 1286 […]

Julius hut eventful fate of an oppressive place in the southern Harz

Few places in the southern Harz region were hit by turmoil such as Julius hut between 1944 and 1964. By those in power, this town was abused, bruised and obliterated. In numerous places Südharzer karst landscape underground workshops for aircraft parts and V-weapons were built in the last years of the war, so in the throat at home Uftrungen, at Stempeda, Niedersachswerfen, Woffleben […]