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Ferdinand von Schill

was 1773 on Sothof in Silesia, an estate of his father's birth. This was a Prussian Lieutenant Colonel. His mother was born a baroness of Traglau. Schill was the youngest of four brothers. After some time he had visited the school in Breslau, it took the General Count Kalckreuth, of his military talent recognized, in his Dragoons to Pasewalk. This he did as a sub-lieutenant in the 14. October 1806 the battle of Auerstadt with. The government quickly recognized his potential and he authorized the 12. January 1807 one[...]

Kunigunde Louise von Randow marries her uncle

The oldest and only surviving daughter, Kunigunde Louise * Bogschütz 18. July 1754 married first at 22. November 1773 Bogschütz to the brother of her mother, Captain of the castle and court marshal in Schwedt, Ludwig v. Cuno. Wilmer Dorff.

Kefer Steiner worm juice produced against whooping cough in Ilfeld

On my last visit to Ilfeld I photographed the older graves, among other things, the family Keferstein. As such then so sat together, My Aunt Edith told me a little of the historical background of this family. (Without going into details now on the genealogical, which are at the Family Association read with Coat of Arms, Great pictures and pedigree)

Chilian Stisser privy council and Magdeburgischer Chancellor

Students Ilfeld, reg. 1.5.1582 at the University of Helmstedt as “Quedlinburgiensis”, 14.1.1585 Univ. Wittenberg as “Isslebiensis” Dr. about. utr. 4.10.1591 in Helmstedt, 1594 City Hall to Counsel, Imperial nobility 17.1.1602 by Emperor Rudolf II. to Prague ” for the Council and Vice Chancellor erzstiftischen Magdeburg” at 1610 Fürstl. Magdeburg. Privy Council and Chancellor Hall. He was father of Total 16 Children. The genealogies of the tribe are recorded partly in the database.

The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode)

With Seal-figures in stone pressure from government counsel Heinrich Christian Delius to Wernigerode, published in February 1832 From: of Ledebur's general archive for the History class of the Prussian State, 7. Band. 2. Issue Contents: The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode) the Erbmarschälle the pen Halberstadt. Gender row of the Hartesrode in the county of Wernigerode. (Pedigree and coat of arms)