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The Dörriens

The family comes from Lower Saxony Dörrien. The name Dorry, or Dörry changes frequently with Dorrien, Dörrien, Dorring, times also Döring and is only since the beginning of the 18. Century when the Danish line as Dorrien, for the other lines still thriving as Dörrien fixed. That one or another form of the name would be more correct, can not say definitely. In the funeral sermons (Fritz Roth) prevails alongside dried rings and Dörrien. It is likely, that the name is due to a shortened name (Example Börries,  [...]

The poll tax description of the principalities of Gottingen and Calenberg Grubenhagen 1689

In the years 1664, 1675, 1678, 1686 and 1689 the people were burdened, because the ruler of the Principality-Calenberg-Göttingen, the poll tax rose to the war fund to supplement.

Collection of ancestor lists, and news of noble families in alphabetical order


This list is not constantly expanding. Name of aristocratic families that do not appear here, have been considered most likely to have a separate article, a search on the web (in the box at the top right) worthwhile, therefore necessarily! Or inquire directly with me!! Family name: in. Abensberg: Dollinger, Peter Paul: Die Grafen und Reichsherren von Abensberg, Landshut 1869 – 2.) Die altgefeyerte Dynastie des Babo von Abensberg in ihrer Abkunft, Verzweigung und Gesamtgenossenschaft in Bayern und Österreich, von Joseph Ernst v. Koch-Sternfeld, Regensburg: Verlag Manz, 1857 in. Abschatz: Wegener, Carl Hans: Biographie Assmanns  [...]

Berlepsch Castle and its aristocratic owners


The castle is situated on a steep mountain Berlepsch on the Werra, near Witzenhausen and has been a center of 14. Century, the family of Berlepsch, which first documented in the middle of the 13. Century found. The oldest verifiable headquarters of the family (mentioned in the oldest documents and also Berlevessen Barlevessen) The village is at Barlissen Jühnde in Hanover. The same was, when is not known for sure, probably destroyed from Göttingen. In 1369 Built by Arnold Berlepsch the new house Berlepsch[...]

Contributions to the history of sex Bluth from Stralsund in Pomerania

The oldest citizen book of Stralsund, which with the years 1319 begins, found in 1325 the entry: “Everardus and Gherardus of Plote” recorded. This name then returns again continuously in different writing and it can be assumed, so that the ancestors of the family are called Bluth. The name variations are emerging among others: “Ploth, Bare, Plutes, Blouath, Blouth, Blode, Bluth, Bluedt, Blood.