Month: August 2009

By Michael Rembow – Ritter Ordens of merit for

Born Michael of Rembow-Sabinski 1740, Mr. Kirschnehnen on the circle Fischhausen, was on 3.3.1754 in the garrison Regiment von Manteuffel No.. 11 occurred. He was of 1756-1762 during the campaign and the siege of Schweidnitz, the campaign in Pomerania, Battles at wholesale Jägerndorf here. After capture, he came 1763 back to the regiment.

Nobles and clergy Rambow

Albert of Rambow (Rambovius, Rambau, Rembovius, later called Rembowski) became a pastor for Seehesten (Ksp in the district Gumbinnen) called and died there after 36 Years, his successor = James Kaplan Schulzki of Rastenburg. Albert, * at 1530 + 18.11.1590, married after 1553 Catharine, as “Stranger” is known in the country, without relatives. It is followed by six years of study, an […]

Links to Genealogy

These recommended links are already combined collections of important addresses for Genealogy, a single list to replace. I would like to fill this page and on pages of recommended list of fellow researchers and Genealogical Publishing.

Journal of the resin Association for History and Archaeology

The resin Society for History and Archaeology was 1868 Founded in Wernigerode, among others, Edward Jacobs and George Bode. 1877 took over the Wolfenbüttel library director Otto Heinemann for twenty years presided. A longtime former chairman was Judge Walther Large. Nach der Auflösung des Vereins nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg erfolgte in den Westzonen dessen […]

The construction- and monuments of the province of Pomerania

The following edition presents a comprehensive description of antiquities, Treasures from days gone by and the people who lived in that time. A cross-section for the traces of our ancestors in the administrative district of Stettin. (Rambow example in Figure Muscherin 1) This series appeared on behalf of the Society for Pomeranian History and Archaeology, Hugo Lemcke, Provinzialkonservator von […]

Southern Baden and Rhenish church records online

Birth, Marriage- and death registers from 35 Parishes in southern Baden for the period 1810-1870 from the collection L 10 State Archives of Freiburg are visible in digitized form. The first result of cooperation between FamilySearch and the State Archive of Baden-Wuerttemberg are the digitized registry books of the State Archives in Freiburg, the online service of the State Archives Administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg has been set. Es handelt […]

Personal data of the teachers of Prussia named Rambow and Liesegang

The database of the library for Research on Educational History of the German Institute for International Educational Research currently contains approximately. 190.000 Evidence of teachers and teachers from three different traditions of Prussia: The elementary school teacher index begins with the birth year 1856 for the districts of Berlin and Opole, for from Königsberg 1860, from Liegnitz for 1861, from Wroclaw 1862, for […]

Pastor Johann Valentin Liesegang in Ilfeld

Valentin war 1612 believed to have been born as the son of the mayor Hayner Liesegang. (In a lawsuit after his death it comes to a claim from dortigem heritage. At the 25.7.1643 Valentine was introduced as a pastor in Ilfeld. He is considered the oldest church of the village accountant. Previously, he worked for eight years as a teacher. A cast-iron grave slab, the […]

The evangelical preacher in Ilfeld

Why was announced relatively late in the Ilfeld doctrine of Luther, This was yet in many places in the environment long done. In Appenrode 1525, 1529 Petersdorf and Steigertal, 1523 Urbach? Abbot Bernard II. of Mitzefal was a zealous supporter of the Pope, of high repute and relatives in the courts. The Count of Hohenstein had […]

Forester and hunter champions in Sophienhof and Ilsenburg Zanthier

Anyone who comes to Sophienhof, guess not sure about the former isolation and the difficulties of the residents: Loneliness, long distances to the nearest village, difficult road conditions and lack of means of transport. This small town, near the ice Talmühle was founded on the so-called Schmerplatz. Year 1661 there is a large corral of cows and cattle have been built, […]

Kehmstedt in the district of Nordhausen

Several men were involved in the ownership of land and interest in the village Kehmstedt. The first written mention is dated from the year 1093. After Leuckfeld it was the Count of Nordheim in 11. Century, that some of it ceded to the monastery Bursfelde, Count Heinrich von >Kercberch< transferred 1295 the property of 3 Hooves in >Kemstede< […]

Dynasty of the art of printing in Leipzig, and Görlitz

Clerics were already in the earliest times owners the art of writing. It was not until the invention of paper, rags to 1300 was also the art of writing a general, so now taught people the art of writing and other-worldly in the schools were. This book writers retain both the old material, the parchment and the old script (known as a monk writing) […]


Emigration lists

Terrible threats of war, Natural disasters and poor economic conditions have always existed and as people hoped through emigration to find a better life for themselves and their families. The following essays and lists of emigrants (Lists of vessels) are available for download:  

Max Stern, a German painter

Max Stern was the youngest son of four children. His parents were originally from Frankfurt Adolph Stern (1832-1872) and a native of Trier Pink Johanne Rothschild. The couple had at himself 13.10.1865 settled in Dusseldorf. Upon the death of Adolph Stern, the family lived in the Josephine Street 71. Its on 1.8.1883 verstorbene Mutter wohnte zu dieser […]

Mayor Peter Groening, Founder of Groening's college

A special treasure is the book for download “Centennial Honor remembrance Mr. Peter Weyland Groening, Mayor of New Stargard on the Ihna, and praiseworthy founder Des Groening's Collegii” by Daniel Gottfried Werner, Stargard 1733 Peter Gröning was 1561 als Sohn des Stellmachers Gröning und dessen Gattin Gertrud Bellin in Stargard geboren. Er stand im Dienst des […]

Matrikelkarten Vorpommern 1692-1698

In this book you can download it comes to the so-called Swedish Matrikelkarten of Pomerania and include the Western Pomerania, as it had fallen in the Peace of Westphalia, the King of Sweden as a sovereign. Even by the low assignment of the Peace of St. Germain (1679) It was hardly decreased and remained until his 1720. Gemeint ist also das […]

The noble-Kunheim Kuenheim

Sex is mentioned in documents in 1263 first time with the Knights of Kunz Kuenheim. He was already the name of the headquarters of the family, Kienheim, a village near Strasbourg. The family was descended related to the already 1120 ritterbürtig appearing gender of Berstett. Both came from the same area and also conducted the same coat of arms. Die Hauptlinie […]