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Slavic period and Wendisch Rambow

In the early medieval migrations left the Germanic tribes and the settlement area between Lower Elbe, Saale and Oder largely. Invaded by these 600 Slavs from the territory east of the Oder one. The West Slavs (“Turn”) were in the West Mecklenburg Obotrites (or Abotriten) and east of Mecklenburg and Pomerania in the Wilzen or Liutizi. Characteristic of the Slav settlements were castles seats as rulers and political centers. Originally they were built on hilltops, created later with ramparts in areas with poor access to lakes and rivers. The seat[...]

As the owner of Rambow Salveymühle

Of 1591 to 1613 Mr. Mill on this is Parmann. The mill must have suffered during the Thirty Years War very, because the purchase price was only 25 Speeches. At 1675 marching through the Brandenburg here, they steal the whole of the iron mill. 1685 accuses the captain of Eickstedt against its neighbors, the miller, because of the accumulation of water spoil his fields. In 1691 leaves of Eickstedt of his men to dig trenches, the water from the mill pond derived. The millers of all four mills arm themselves and march against Eickstedt and throw back to the trenches.

The Prussians at the University of Wittenberg

As the birthplace of the Reformation was at the University of Wittenberg 18. October 1502 open. This book is about the people of this “Reformation a century” their matriculation be printed. 568 Prussian students have visited in this period the University of Wittenberg.

Archbishop Ludwig Ernst Borowski of

At the 17. June 1740 Ludwig Ernst Borowski is the son of Andreas Ernst Hofglöckners Borowski was born in Königsberg. Among his mentors are the captain of Kunheim (Regimental commander von Thadden) Baron von Loeben and the General Field Marshal von Roder. His father owned a paint factory in the old town, in the 1738 the position of a Hofglöckners at the Castle Church took over. Ernst Ludwig and his brother Georg Heinrich (Professor of Natural Sciences in Frankfurt on the Oder +1801) visited the vaunted Friedrichskollegium (then still with pietistic orientation) 15 Borowski was years old, as he left to enroll at the University of Konigsberg.

The sex Boehmer-Behmer from Pomerania

The story begins with Nicholas observations in Rügenwalde, which end 1591 or early 1592 was born in Greifswald. He is the progenitor of the known living branches of the sex. In his hometown, he had studied law and moved to 1615 after about Rügenwalde. A year later he was a member of the guild of merchants and lived in the house on Long Street behind the Town Hall, that his wife Veronica brought into the marriage. Santa observations was 1628 Councilor and 1634 Treasurer, as well as 1642 Mayor in Rügenwalde. He was 1635 Provisor first St. Mary's Church.