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Willi Behrens from Techentin

My grandfather Willi Behrens * 20.8.1905, I have a large, very strong and (to my mind) incredibly charismatic man in memory. He was diligent undisputed, wise, courageous and strictly.

From 27.12.1939 put him Otto Wenzel, Holder of a timber business in Halle and specializes in railroad-sleepers as administrator on his estate Berkau a. (The complete accounting of all receipts and letters from this period has been preserved)

His wife Ursula, was the godmother of the youngest daughter Gerda. Otto Wenzel sent him on 20.2.1941 Loccum not (Circle Nienburg) and there execute a larger order. It was about the work-up of pine Langholz.

Karl Rodbertus – Theorists of political economy and socialism

Wappen der Familie Rodbertus

Johann Karl Rodbertus is in the intellectual history of 19. Jh. known as the founder of scientific socialism, conservative, the on's National, peaceful and legal means should be implemented. In the discussion of the revolution, he also tried to intervene, acting. He was elected to the National Assembly and was also 14 Minister of Culture, Ministry days Auerswald-Hansemann. After graduation and a short training period, he moved to the manor Jagetzow in Pomerania and the knights of the circle of Pomerania appointed him to the Members of the County Council and to the general landscape advice of[...]

Hotel Sauvage and Eugene Liesegang

Born 9. August 1875 in Dusseldorf, where his parents owned a world-famous factory for optical apparatus, The boy and his siblings grew up in a happy youth. His great-grandfather was Johann Christian Andreas Liesegang from Berlin, see whose craft letter. One of his brothers was the famous scientist Raphael Liesegang. The school outgrew, he left the family home for further training, initially in Bonn, between himself sojourning in England. In 1896 the deceased came to Bern, obzuliegen one year studies. There closed friendships lasted a lifetime. A sign of rare loyalty and devotion. Hiking through the Swiss country led him 1897 Also in the Oberhasli, The exceptionally well-liked him and then the decision matured, here to take permanent residence. In the same year, as a 22-year-old young man Initiatives, was to the young Walter Günther by brothers Boss in Grindelwald Fri. 475000.- The hotel was purchased Sauvagebesitzung.

Colloid scientist Raphael Liesegang

Raphael Eduard Liesegang was the son of the later factory owner Paul Eduard Liesegang (1838 – 1896) born. The father had studied in Jena Physics, where he Ernst Abbe (1840 – 1905) met. So he came in close contact with the look and with the construction of projectors began.

After graduation, he went into the of his father Wilhelm Eduard Liesegang 1854 photograpische founded an art studio. The grandfather of Raphael Liesegang enlarged his studio and also unveiled her cameras and delivered to the albumin-made paper. After the death of his grandfather, the business was 1871 enlarged and moved to Dusseldorf. Thus Raphael came with two years with his four siblings to Dusseldorf and was here 1876 enrolled in school.

Reformation History

Urkundenbuch Reformation history of the Duchy of Prussia, Band 1-3