The 10 most popular items in my genealogy blog

  1. Collection of ancestor lists, and news of noble families in alphabetical order 13,169
  2. Obituaries from the Cologne and Dusseldorf area 11,471
  3. Emigration lists (emigrants) 10,204
  4. Adelslexika 9,884
  5. Ancestry lists and stories of bourgeois families alphabetically 8,574
  6. Historical Address Book 7,727
  7. German sex books 6,024
  8. Genealogical books on needle 5,420
  9. Rambow in Müritz circle 4,925
  10. Ellrich a town in the Harz and its history 3,747

Vielen Dank an alle Leser für mehr als eine halbe Million Aufrufe

Thanks to all followers for more than half a million views

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